Standard Service Price List

Below you will find our standard pricing for consulting and custom networking services. We are more than happy to evaluate projects on an individual case basis (ICB) for bulk discounts or fixed-bid pricing to meet budget or purchase process requirements. Please contact us at for more information!

Professional Services

All services are billed to the nearest 0.25 hr, 1 hr minimum.


  • Computer equipment configuration and troubleshooting
  • Custom software design and development
  • Computer network system design
  • Technical writing / documentation
  • Custom PCB design and assembly

Individual-case Basis (ICB)

  • On-site work in remote areas, on towers >20ft, or other special circumstances
  • Non-local travel, airfare, lodging, etc.

Materials and Equipment

Visgence is a great single-source for large system integration projects. We maintain a variety of vendors for the tools, raw material, and equipment used by us and our clients and work hard to make sure that we can get the best pricing - whether it is a $0.01 resistor or a $50,000 network firewall. Visgence offers the simplicity and convenience of a single contract for a project that could involve components from dozens of suppliers.

  • Cost plus 15% - Non-stock COTS components
  • Retail price - Visgence stock items. See our current catalog for pricing details.

Remote Monitoring/Email Notification

Visgence maintains a variety of monitoring tools which we can use to remotely monitor routers, switches, servers, sensors, surveillance cameras, and a variety of other devices. We can send email or text message notifications or automatically schedule field service to get problems solved right away. In depth network device monitoring includes the collection of per port bandwidth usage, error rates, packet throughput, and other statistics which reveal the overall health and capacity of your network. We also include an appliance which sits inside your firewall to securely gather and analyze data and transmit it back to our monitoring center.

  • Free! - Basic up/down monitoring of a public IP address (contact us for details)
  • ICB - In-depth network monitoring with limited on-site service

Equipment Rental

In order to deliver the best value to our customers, we make use of high end test equipment to get quick and accurate results. The use of proper equipment can significantly shorten the amount of time it takes to diagnose or repair a problem in the field, but the high purchase price often cannot be justified for occasional jobs.

Our use of stock tools as part on-site services is included in the service charge, but we also have equipment available for limited rental. Please contact us for details:

  • Fluke Networks CIQ-100 Qualifier with Intelitone probe
  • Agilent 1271A Handheld Multimeter
  • Agilent DSO2014A Oscilloscope, 100Mhz
  • Keithley 2450 Source Measure Unit
  • Keithley 2280S-60-3 Precision Measurement Power Supply