Product Catalog

The catalog below contains budgetary pricing for equipment which we commonly source for customer projects. Please contact us for special or bulk pricing!
Part Number Item Description Product Page Stock Status List Price
DR-X10 Portable Audio Recorder Special Order $175
SDHC-32 32GB Flash Memory Card 1-2 day $15
XLR-6F XLR audio cable Special Order $20
Laboratory Equipment
EOD-AMP Portable electric organ discharge (EOD) amplifier Build to order $250
EOD-AMP-RP Remote programming tool for EOD-AMP Build to order $50
EOD-STIM Portable electric organ (EO) stimulator Build to order $120
Electronic Test and Measurement
DSOX2002A 2 Channel, 70MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope Special Order $1350
U1241C Water/dust resistant handheld digital multimeter Special Order $300
DG1022 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Special Order $440
DP832 Triple Output DC Power Supply Special Order $520
FX888D Digitally adjustable soldering iron Special Order $115
FT801 Thermal wire stripper Special Order $385
FT801-26-36 Fine wire (26-36AWG) blade set for FT801 Special Order $150
Control Systems
SHIELD-001 Power DAC Shield Product page Stocked $30
COMM-001 RS485 Stick Product page Stocked $15
Prices subject to change based on options, quantity, and supplier availability.