Thermocouple Conditioner

The K-Type thermocouple conditioner is an easy way to use a K-Type thermocouple with an Arduino or other microcontrollers. At its heart is a AD595 thermocouple conditioner IC. The AD595 is laser trimmed for accuracy and performs automatic cold-junction compensation, which means you can just drop it into a project and get accurate results right away.

We created the K-Type Thermocouple Conditioner board while rebuilding our reflow toaster oven. The original controller used an AD595 and we were happy with its results. Since the toaster oven is a semi-permanent setup, we gave the board screw terminals and holes for robust mounting.


  • AD595A laser trimmed for K-type thermocouple and 3 degree C basic accuracy
  • 10mV / K output, easy to read with any ADC
  • K-type input fits standard probes
  • Alarm output and LED signals that probe is disconnected
  • Screw terminals and mounting holes for easy long-term mounting

Use with an Arduino

We built our thermocouple conditioner specifically to use with Arduino and compatible boards. See this example sketch and connection illustration in the gallery above.

  thermocouple_conditioner thermocouple_conditioner
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